Broad, green, fresh freedom.
If you wish to escape far from the madding crowd to clean, untouched nature, under trees, next to clear waters; if you want to enjoy the peace and silence of the underground world, and furthermore, if you are eager to hear birds singing or re-fresh your memory of frogs croaking, if you have never skated on endless icy plains, if you want to see where birds are nesting, and if you want to rest and relax, cheer up and regain your strength –

come to Notranjska – Inner Carniola.

Walking or cycling, on a boat or on a horseback, by a traditional Slovene cart “lojtrnik” or with a parachute, on your own or in a group, you are welcome to join us in a research of the almost forgotten world.

A constantly changing, mysterious and for some people almost magic is the land of carst caves, fields changing into lakes, and lakes disappearing underground. Loska Dolina, Cerknisko jezero, Rakov Skocjan, Planinsko polje and Krizna jama. Spell. Magic world. Why not let be marvelled / amazed by the witch-hill Slivnica. Climb Slivnica and bellow your feet you shall have the whole Notranjska: Vidovski hribi (the hills of Vid), Menisija, the skiing resort Bloke (the craddle of skiing), deep vast forests with the peak Sneznik and the Alps in the distance.

But before you set off, do drop in with us and let us whisper in your ear where you can eat well or stay for the night, we can tell you where to borrow a bike or a boat, where you can try your horse riding skills or who can show you around underground.