The Company TUR SERVIS d.o.o. Cerknica was established on 13.03.1995. During the first year we carried on the work of MLADINSKI SERVIS which means we used to provide and arrange part-time and seasonal jobs for secondary school and university students during their winter and summer holidays.

In autumn 1995 we opened a tourist agency office in the bus-station building in Cerknica, starting with selling tourist holidays. Almost at the same time we also started with propaganda activities including putting up posters in Communities Cerknica, Loška dolina in Logatec.

At the moment company has three employees to deal with: Tourist agency and providing part- and full time seasonal jobs for students, commercial tasks and finance – bookkeeping and administration jobs

Other jobs and tasks are performed by students or outer stuff.

Our vision

We wish TUR SERVIS to become a small enterprise, further developing all three current activities:


Our endeavours, however, will primarily focus on developing of TOURISM. Beside selling tourist programmes of other tourist agencies, we also work on and develop our own plans and programmes of outings and longer trips. Our wish and aim is to provide a good tourist offer of NOTRANJSKA.

NOTRANJSKA, the green heart of Slovenia, is the trade mark we wish to develop and promote.